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Want to learn more about me? You've come to the right place 😄(and yes I literally have like one photo of myself - shoutout if you know where this background is!)



James Ruse Agricultural High School

2013 - 2018 (ATAR: 99.65)

Planting, learning to tend to crops and messing around on the farm are some of the fondest memories that come to mind when thinking about my high school experience. It was here that I first touched code in my life in the after school Informatics class. I distinctly remember having two choices - joining Cadets or Informatics, both of which ran after schools on Monday. I tossed up the two choices: marching for hours in the 40°C summer or hiding inside an airconditioned room learning how to code (I chose the latter of course!)

As part of the informatics team, I went on to compete in the Australian Informatics Olympiad, French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad and the Australian Invitational Informatics Olympiad as well as attending the Summer School of Excellence. Apart from that, I was involved heavily in student life as a student prefect, peer support leader and library assistant.


Pennsylvania State University

2020 - 2020

I was lucky enough to have the chance to undergo a short-term exchange program at Penn State University as part of my scholarship at the University of Sydney at the start of early 2020 - right before covid hit. Imagine flying across the world to live in America for over a month, learning from some of the best professors! As part of my time there I took a variety of courses focussed on leadership and entrepreneurship which I found insightful due to my interest in startups. Engaging in discussion and practical exercises (like pitching and developing a vending machine prototype!) also helped develop my skills in communication and critical thinking.

The people that I met and the friends that I made were amazing and it was incredible to see the difference in how America approached education in its tertiary system in comparison to Australia. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience and it was exciting being able to travel and have a bit of a holiday afterwards too in NYC.


The University of Sydney

2019 - Present (WAM: 88)

The University of Sydney is where I'm undertaking my current degree - a Bachelors of Engineering (Mechatronics)/Bachelors of Science (Computer Science/Maths). I wanted to supplement my love of programming with the physical aspect of engineering which is why I chose to do a double degree. After doing engineering though, I can definitely say I like software much more!

I'm part of a few student clubs and societies including being one of the founders for DogSoc, a society for dog owners and lovers. Since founding, we've expanded to over 200 members and host weekly events which help bring our members (and their dogs) together. I'm also one of the founders for USYD's Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) where we host bi-weekly tech focussed events for students of all backgrounds. Acting as a CS Tech Lead, I spearheaded projects such as our inaugural chess bots competition.

I'm also an avid archery fan and played competitively for the Sydney University Archery Club where I hold a state record for Under 20's Barebow Archery. I've also received a few scholarships and awards from my time here:

  • Engineering Leadership Scholarship
  • Dean's List for Academic Excellence (2x)
  • University of Sydney Academic Merit Prize
  • Sydney Scholars Award
  • Engineering Minor Prize


React NativeReact Native
.NET Core.NET Core

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I’ve always thought that someone’s website reveals a lot about them. The colour scheme, layout, aesthetic and vibe of my website was all designed and crafted by me and reflects who I am as both an engineer and a person - so have a look inside my brain! Want to listen to some Adam-certified beats while you’re here? Check out one of my playlists on Spotify to see what I like listening too.

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